Wk 1- Activity- Plaster Cast

When I first saw the activity we had to do I lamented at the fact I had gone home to the bay area this week. I am an hour drive to the nearest beach and I didn’t want to pay for sand. Luckily, my friend who goes to San Louis Obispo wanted us to come down to celebrate her birthday. So we went and I was able to make my plaster cast at an actual beach.

The project was harder than I expected. It included building a sand wall to protect the drying mold from waves. However, when I took it out I was impressed with the two casts we were able to make. I had a solid cast of my hand placed vertically down into the sand and a foot mold of one of my teammates.


IMG_57881                                                                             IMG_5781120160527_141853IMG_58031




I am not an artist and often struggle when asked to do anything artistic. However, that is why I took this class and this project helped build some confidence. This mold took longer than expected, and a lot of friends to complete, however I created something pretty cool. I am actively cleaning the cast but the sheer amount of sand attached to it makes the task difficult. However, after it is cleaned I would like to utilize the casts as some type of decoration for my room. This art could be used to create small other unique casts to place in my room and hold keys, chargers, etc.




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