Wk1- Artist OTW- Allan Kaprow

I thought the video on Allan Kaprow was very interesting, especially the aspect that he gave up all of the fame he could have achieved. I would believe having the biggest platform of the world, New York City at the time, would attract most artists, and they would use it to display their art. Instead he moved, and his move to UCSD truly represented who he was. He never liked the big scene, and instead of using the biggest platform, he walked away and went to the other side of the country to do his work.

After researching him online, I really enjoy his view that art is life and there shouldn’t be a difference between the two. Many artists you see, while they are amazing paintings, do not always represent life as we know it. However,  Allan Kaprow made sure to represent a simplistic, everyday man’s life approach to his art. I thought a lot about how he used to walk in a field and then perfectly retrace his steps. I looked at that activity from the viewpoints of as mankind we should fix what we have ruined in nature and to be more observant in nature. Recently, I have tried to enjoy nature and really look out at what is around me, but I could not imagine walking through a field and perfectly retracing my steps, seems way to tedious and focused for my tastes.

While researching him, I came across how he was the founder of happenings as an art form. After researching happenings, I am still a little confused as to what they are, but many sites explained that their isn’t a true hard definition to happenings, in the same way their is not a true definition for art. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed learning about Allan Kaprow and seeing how he truly influenced art.


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