Wk 2- Activity- Automatic Drawing

When I saw this activity I figured I would be in the group of students that hated this activity. Also, I am staying at hotel in Boston, and wasn’t near an art store to buy paper, so I had to tape 2 pieces of (each still larger than 8.5 by 11) paper, that the front desk gave me, together. I couldn’t imagine letting my pen “move by itself,” and my sister was skeptical as to why we would even try this. But then we started doing it and it actually started to “move by itself.” I couldn’t believe it and my sister and I seemed to notice it at the same time. We drew for one whole song, that was about 5 minutes long, and when the song ended we opened our eyes and to see an image that we were not expecting. I thought that we had drawn all over the paper, from edge to edge, but we actually only drew on a small portion of the paper, and were nowhere near the edge. The shape that came out was interesting and we both noted what we saw. Then we flipped it over and saw a completely different image from the others’ point of view. We started talking about what we saw and both generally agreed on what we were seeing. We both noted what looks like a plane of sorts across the middle, plus other random animals, objects, etc. that we could make out.

I’m really glad I was able to do this with my sister because we are both out in Boston on a vacation together and it was a really cool experience to start the trip. I’m hoping to color and expand upon it and see what it becomes.




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