Wk 2- Artist OTW- Ana Mendieta

Ana Mendieta is a very intriguing artist, especially with regards to her time period. If you just showed me her pictures without any context of her life, time period, etc., I would assume she is a modern day artist. Her works really empower the human body, specifically women, and seem to illustrate the issues and power of women. Personally, I would expect these feminist images to come from a modern woman artist. Also, she fully engrosses herself in nature, a movement you would not expect from a Cuban artist in the 70s.

The questions around her death are very interesting but The Observer mentions how that added intrigue to her as an artist. The article in the Observer talks about how her images are now becoming very popular and selling at high prices because her images correlate the the current popular green and feminist movements. The article quotes a recent purchaser of her work saying “we were really wanting her work, because… it’s all about the healing power of the female body.” I am glad her work is getting the recognition it has because it carries deep messages and representations of many different issues with our world today.

After researching her work further, I see the true power it holds. At first her art was very strong and gory and I soon realized that is her way of showing the seriousness and strength of the messages she wanted to get across. As I mentioned in the blog posts, I was very enthralled by the image of the flowers on fire because I believe she was representing rape and how it destroys women. It was a very powerful and effective way to represent the long term effects of rape.

The article was very interesting and if you have not seen it, I suggest giving it a read:



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