Wk3- Artist OTW- Bomb It


I had never known the history of graffiti until I watched “Bomb It.” It was interesting to learn how it all started from the artist Cornbread, who simply just tagged his name throughout Philadelphia. While it was the beginning, and naturally graffiti evolved into art so much greater, I didn’t enjoy graffiti that is simply tagging one’s name. I believed that graffiti should be larger pieces of art and not just tagging your own name for recognition. However after watching this video I see how the graffiti artist name is everything about them. They “took the basic alphabet and stretched it” and applied it to exaggerating their name. I realized your name, and your tag, is everything about you, and placing your tag in as many places as possible is how you assert who you are. I feel that you can draw parallels to gang life, in that the tagger who has the biggest, baddest tag in the most places ends up “running” those streets/area he is associated with. Unlike typical artists, they don’t need an empty space, canvas, etc. they just take the space that is naturally out there for them to take.

It was interesting seeing the very different personalities of the graffiti world. Those who are in it solely for the art, those who are in it for the recognition and those who are in it for the rush of it and seeing how they all differ. Many of the population who dislike and do not respect graffiti of the art sees solely the artist who does it for the rush and the crime aspect of it.  
A few months ago I went to the abandoned zoo in LA, and I thought it was so awesome and interesting but I really wish I had watched this video before to appreciate the art even more. Here is a picture of a really cool room that had tons of beautiful work in it.




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