Wk3- Activity- Graffiti



In this activity, I was originally scared I would mess it up and never be able to fix it. At first I drew the bubble letters out on a cardboard sheet I had in my house. Then I went to the store, picked up two cans of spray paint, and then went to work. When I bubbled the letters to  make an outline I used sharpie then quickly realized that Sharpie was an awful idea because it ended up getting covered by the paint. I first painted the letters in blue, and then outlined the whole name is green. I then filled out the extra area with green and then gave the blue a new coat to help it pop. As I was going through the activity I started to gain more and more confidence. I realized there was no error I wouldn’t be able to work with, and I could always go over it with another color. Once, I had that realization I got a lot more creative and free with the art

Most of my friends call me Kdog and that is why I tagged Kdog instead of Krishan. I believed if I ever decided to become a graffiti artist I would tag with my Kdog moniker, so figured I would use that instead. I thoroughly enjoyed this activity and can see why graffiti artists love what they do. I also wished I had a bigger wall to work with because the act of graffiti on a large surface seems very appealing to me. Maybe one day I’ll have to go out with the extra spray paint I have to the Venice Beach location and see the thrill of painting on a larger canvas.




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