Wk4- Activity- Sketching

I am terrible at drawing. Always have been. So when I saw this assignment I was worried about having to sketch anything, nevertheless make 3 abstract sketches, which I did not think I would be able to do. Me and a friend of mine went to the Japanese Garden and I have not been there in awhile and completely forgot about the beauty it has inside the garden. I went in and took the pictures first and had trouble taking pictures of what I thought an abstract photo looks like. Then, I sat down to sketch and had an even harder time imaging what an abstract sketch would look like. I believe I really struggle in creativity in that area (a reason I took this class) and just decided to draw and see where it went. I figured at that point it would morph into an abstract drawing.

As I have grown I have learned to appreciate art and see things I would have never picked up on. One of those is perspective. I realized when I was drawing my representational drawings that I drew how I was looking at the image for some of it, but from a birds eye view for other parts of the drawing. At this point, the fact I was drawing something was impressive enough so I decided to try to not think about that major flaw.

Overall, I really struggled with the sketching part of this assignment, especially the abstract sketches, but this assignment was the first time I had really drawn anything in years so I am really glad it was an assignment.

My three representational photos:




3 Abstract Photos:




3 Representational Sketches:


3 Abstract Sketches:



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