Wk 5-Activity- Instagram


          On Thursday I went through and posted 4 different pictures of random things I did throughout my day. It included going to the gym, getting coffee and working on a discussion, playing video games and then watching random YouTube clips before bed. Posting all these mundane pictures is not something I would normally do, but it was interesting seeing what our whole class was doing on an average day. With this art class being an online class, I have very little interaction with classmates, besides talking to them on the discussion board, so it was nice to learn more about them through these pictures. I went through Instagram the next day and looked up our hashtag to see what our class was doing and while it was interesting, I don’t think our “group portrait” represented a community or showed any unity between the members. I saw it as a group of  people that are all going through their own days, but no connection between the individuals that links them all together, except that we all had the same hashtag.
           I believe the biggest reason I didn’t view it as a cohesive group is because all the pictures are so different. Some people posted selfies, pictures of food, scenery, etc. which shows everyone’s individuality, but it makes it lack similarity. If everyone posted similar themed pictures, for example, what they ate for lunch, then posted what they were doing at 3pm, I believe I would have seen the hashtag as more of a community.


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