Wk 5- Artist OTW- Marina Abramovic

In my opinion, Marina Abramovic is the most interesting artist that we have examined so far. Her work as a performance artist is both intriguing and captivating. One of my favorite pieces from her are The Artist is Present where she sits there and just stares at anyone who came by and sits down across from her. 750,000 people came to watch her performance piece and that shows her insane popularity and pull. She specializes in danger and no piece shows that more Rhythm 0. She said she went into that piece expecting to die. She puts everything into her art and I don’t know many people who are willing to die to do their job. The risk may have seemed unnecessary, but I think it does speak volumes as to humans and what we are capable of doing to those who are deemed vulnerable and below us. The biggest take away of that image was that after her piece was done she walked towards the crowd, the same crowd that ripped off her clothes, sexually assaulted her and made her bleed, and now that she wasn’t vulnerable, no one could face her.  Marina understood that the only way to show that is putting herself in these extreme situations.
Many of us, including myself, are afraid to explore these aspects of truly what makes us alive. I am content with who I am and actively try to not put myself in dangerous situations, but maybe all these dangerous situations gives her perspective on life and how powerful it is. People always say you don’t appreciate life until you are in a near death situation and that is exactly what Marina Abramovic does. She seems to have experienced so many parts of life many of us will never experience solely because of our own fears and natural walls.


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