Wk6- Artist OTW- Andy Warhol

I have often seen those specific Campbell soups paintings and never understood why they were so popular. While I thought the painting was fantastic, I didn’t understand the reason for the hype. Then we had Andy Warhol as our artist of the week and I learned some of the magnitude for his painting. Andy Warhol was a great artist who has painted some of the greatest pieces of art, according to sale price. While researching him I learned he was really sick when he was young because he contracted cholera. However, it ended up becoming the start of his artistic career. Because he was bedridden, his mother gave him art lessons, and those sessions were where he began to learn how to become an artist.

I remember in middle school how we would always take pictures using the mac desktop filters and one of them was the pop art filter. People always took pictures using that filter and its crazy learning how that filter came from Andy Warhol. I enjoy this painting because many articles call Andy Warhol the king of pop art and he painted who many people say is the king of pop in Micheal Jackson.


Often people who pay tens or hundred of million dollars for art are not only paying for the art piece, but for the history and the artist behind the work. However, Andy Warhol had two different paintings sell for more than 100 million dollars and his sexuality was never really mentioned as part of his work. I find that intriguing and odd that very few people mentioned that as influencing his work.


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