WK6- Activity- Landscape with a Corpse

At first when I saw this project I didn’t know how I would want to die and spent a lot of time of thinking of symbolic ways to die. Then we had people over at my house and when someone drinks too much people say “oh, he/she is dead” meaning they are passed out sleeping. Then I thought about that and figured that’s how I wanted to portray one of my death/corpse image. I layed down in the middle of the living room and had my roommates line my body with empty beer cans. I had a bottle of alcohol near my mouth and felt that that was a good way to interpret this project.



At first I wanted to also stage a death scene in a calming environment to counteract the party/ drinking death. So I decided to go to the most tranquil place we know, the Japanese Gardens. However, soon after we got there we realized it was packed and would be much too awkward to take a dying picture without attracting a lot of curious looks and attention. So instead we came home and then I decided to make the second image of getting hit by a car. Since the opposite of the party scene didn’t work, I wanted to do a similar situation to match the party death and decided to do this scene to show the dangers of drinking and driving.




Overall I liked this activity but it is kind of haunting to try to take pictures of death or corpses. It makes you think about life and how close you can be to dying every day. It also showed a lot of power because nothing is really as powerful and captivating as death


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