Wk 7- Activity- Museum Trip

For this weeks art activity I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in LA. My friend accompanied me and we ended up going to both the Grand and Geffen locations. Earlier this summer I went to the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston and was really interested in the contemporary section. It was my favorite section and I especially enjoyed all the sculptures that were very different than those of the past. The contemporary art museum here did not impress me as much as the contemporary section in the MFA but it made sense considering that was my first experience really seeing and analyzing contemporary art, plus the MFA is truly and amazing experience.

2 images that really caught my eye at MOCA:


Eric Hutsell, 27 years old, Southern California, $20 – Philip- Lorea diCorcia


I was drawn to the photo because initially because it was so clear and smooth I couldn’t believe it. In my opinion smooth was  a weird way to describe a picture, but how seamlessly all the parts of the picture work together is extremely smooth. The colors are also very vibrant and distinct. Then I started looking at the lighting and realized it made the man look extremely ominous, which made me question who he was and why he was relevant in this photo.

Reading the description of the artwork I learned this image was part of a larger series of images called the Hustlers. The Hustlers was a collection of 25 color portraits of males, their name, where they were located and how much Philip- Lorea diCorcia paid them to partake in the photo. I thought the photo was interesting before I read the description solely based off aesthetics. IT is a great quality photo. However, once I read the description I loved the meaning and power behind the images, plus I really loved listening how much he paid. Especially once I learned the painting sold for more than three thousand dollars.


Toyko Santa- Paul McCarthy



The other picture that captured my eye was because it seemed to be very opposite of the first image but was a picture in a piece of a larger artwork called Toyko Santa. This image is very dirty, has a lot going on and probably offensive to a certain portion of the population. It is a surrealist image to compare with the realism artwork by Phillip Lorea di Corcia.

At first I thought it was just normal pictures of Santa Claus on the wall, until I looked closer and realized they were all pictures of Santa in a very unfamiliar way. Most of them had Santa with an apparent boner and generally bloody. This picture seems to be the aftermath of Santa killing one of his reindeer and he seems to be putting his clothes back on. The photograph is rough, raw and tells a very large story that is contrary to most people’s opinion of Santa, or Christmas in general. I took it as showing that everyone has a dark side and no one is perfect and giving. Paul McCarthy did a wonderful job of grabbing a character who most people would view as wholesome and innocent and shattering that opinion to depict society.




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