Wk 7- Artist OTW- Janet Kardiff

This week Artist of the week was a unique artist with a style I had never seen, or heard, before. Janet Cardiff was a performance artist who specialized in audio performances. My personal favorite is FOREST (for a thousand years). This video is truly captivating and it feels like you spent a day in a whole nother world. I further researched it and an article in the New York Times states found that they used Ambisonics, which “creates a three-dimensional sound field out of whatever noises, vibrations or explosions they have recorded.” This is a perfect explanation as to what I was feeling during that experience because the sounds felt so different than anything I have listened to before.

Art 110 FOREST

I do not know much about the science of music but my roommate does, so I told him about the 40 speakers project and how they were grouped. He was super impressed and thought that is an amazing idea and he wants to go see it one day. I think being able to create an experience like that is what makes her so great. 

However, my one downside is that I was not a big fan of her work as she leads you through a tour. The experience was cool but I felt forced to experience her experience instead of my own. Also, if I would want to stop and look at something more do I break her art work or my own curiosity?







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