Wk 8- Activity- Street Photography

Street Photography was great because it allowed me to see the street in a whole new light. These are streets I pass by all the time and it was cool to see the beauty in them. I enjoyed street photography and tried to get different environments in my images. I went for a stroll with two of my roommates and these are some of the best images I took on the walk

Screenshot_20160717-204857 (1)

I used snapchat for this filter and used one of the available filters. I believe this color filter made the image look like a classic gas station stop. The sky was during sunset and I think the one car with the bright headlights is a natural attention grabber.


I took this photo because it shows the distinct Long Beach streets with all the palm tress lining the roads.


This picture is of family friends separating and leaving the house. I heard there goodbye’s and got the picture as they all were going back to where they needed to be.



I enjoyed this picture because of the tetris shape these card had to make to park. I also really enjoyed the tree and how it is wavy in its appearance. The shadow of the car is a nice focus and contrast to the sidewalk


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