Wk 8- Artist OTW- Street Photography

I really enjoyed this week’s street photography lesson. I appreciated the truth and real life I see in these images. It is images of what you see on a daily basis but framed in a new way, or ways you generally don’t look at normal life. I especially like when the photography is in black and white, as Gary Winogrand often did. The black and white gives a classic, wholesome feel to the image you can’t see in color. I love this picture below, called Hollywood and Vine. The image is a great representation of a typical day of that time. Also, I just started working at the VA hospital in Long Beach and their busiest tunnel and most used hallway is labeled as Hollywood and Vine. Now every time I see that I think of this image. 

Art 110  B&W

Another image I liked was from The Sartorialist which is a similar image to the other one, but in color. It shows a more modern society, and for that I like the use of color. It also shows a modern dress of a woman which shows more skin and is freer than the Winogrand image. Both images focus on the subject but include the local shops and streets clear enough to get a whole look of the setting.


Art 110 Color


Street photography is interesting because essentially everyone does it. When you travel to a new city or cool area, everyone pulls out their phone and snaps a solid quality image. That is the everyday street photographer. However, if you look at your image and then some of these artists images, you see how they can get so much more out of the environment through their skilled photography



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