Wk9-Activity- Food, Fashion and Follicles


I had no idea what to do for my art project of the week. I was in San Louis Obispo for the weekend and decided to make the pretty dumb decision of leaving my project up to doing it on Sunday. Saturday night I was in SLO with my best friends from back home and we had a few drinks and were hungry. Randomly someone grabbed cheese and someone said there is bread over there. I saw it was one of those circular bread loaves and randomly thought to those garlic cheese bread, buzz feed food videos I have seen all the time. So I start making this with my friend Zak and then realized this is my project! We were making cuisine we had never seen before that was pretty weird and for a crowd of people. It ended up turning out decent and the next morning we were really proud of what we did. The pictures even show the happiness of our audience.
Zak cut the bread into the cubed form while I made the garlic coating. I used garlic paste, Olive oil and a whole bunch of random seasoning items and mixed it all together. We put in guoda cheese and the glaze and then toasted it. I kept checking on it, added parmesean topping and wrapped the whole bread in foil and then toasted it. I almost forgot to take a picture of it at the end, I was too excited to eat it so a few bites were taken before the final picture.





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