Wk9- Artist OTW-Kat Von D and Guy Tang

Both of the artists this week are less of the traditional artists. Kat Von D and Guy Tang are body artists and it’s easy to see how people would be critical of this as true “art.” Traditional art is expected to be seen in gallery’s and represent something to the artist, and you as the consumer decide if you like it enough to admire, and possibly purchase it. However this kind of art is all about representing something to the consumer, and the artist job is to best make that representation come to life. Also, this type of art is constantly on a person and is part of their identity. Typical art you see in a gallery does not have that kind of power. It may be hanging in your home but less people are able to see it and be influenced by it.
Personally I do not have any tattoos, and get cheap haircuts, but I can definitely appreciate this art. I would love to get a tattoo at some point in my life and I would value seeking out the artist I best believe could bring my idea and concept to a design. That in itself may be harder than an artist drawing off their own inspiration, and for that reason I truly respect these 2 as artists.


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