Wk 10-Artist OTW- Joseph Delappe

Joseph Delappe is one of the more interesting artists we have looked at in this class. He uses non traditional forms of media at times and is widely recognized for it. He is even featured in a book that examines the relationship between militarism in video games. His work in there is pretty unique but ultimately I’m not a big fan. Coming from someone who plays video games and is competitive, I would not want him ruining the experience by renaming his character to a real soilder who died in battle and then killing the character. I get what he is trying to do but everyone else is trying to play and enjoy the video game and he is ruining that experience.
After doing some research I saw that he is a current professor at UNR. Also, I learned about his salt marsh walk where he essentially recaptured how Ghandi walked during his protest but Delappe did it with a treadmill and cyber reality. After that I saw more how he I trying to use video games and the cyber world and connect it to real life. While many people view the two worlds as completely different spheres, he views it as one whole world and was talking to show that to everyone else




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