Wk 11- Artist OTW- Vanessa Blaylock

Vanessa Blaylock is an artist that creates quite a stir. Her art is mostly based in virtual reality through the creation of avatars. The idea of art solely existing in VR is a concept that many cannot grasp and she takes it even further by creating movements through these avatars online. Because of people’s reluctance to consider what she does as art, she does not seem to get much press or recognition. I tried to research her further online and she does not even have a Wikipedia page of her own. I saw her work through her blog and website and believe what she does is art. Being able to create an avatar from scratch is similar to making a beat for a song. It is mostly done online and is a creative idea which started from scratch. However, I believe she wants to take us to another dimension with her art for us to see how her art interacts in its own world. That is where I start to question it, because I believe the art should someway connect back to RL. For example a video game avatar is played by people in RL, therefore people will be more likely to appreciate the art. However if she creates  movement in VR, then where is the connection to RL? Without that connection I believe she has put a hard ceiling on where she can go as an artist.


This is one of her avatars and as you can see she puts great effort and detail to make them look as realistic as possible while still keeping the avatar feel


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