Wk 12- Activity- Eportfolio

I hadn’t Googled myself in awhile but I was not surprised by what I found. Mostly it was unrelated to me, with a lot of options coming up for Krishna Bhakta, not Krishan. Also, since Krishna is a god in Indian culture, there are a lot of pictures of him instead. This result was both good and bad. Good because the first result wasn’t a Facebook or other social media site, but bad because it is hard to market myself.

I went ahead and made a seperate word press as my business one. I want to be a become a physical therapist, and while I still have to go to graduate school, starting a website now to market myself was a good idea. I put info about myself, my education and extra curricular activities. I want to update it more and more as I go a long, unfortunately there is not too much I can do before going to grad school.

As I grow and move further in the field I want to use the site as a foundation and be able to customize and personalize it more and more. Currently, it looks more like a LinkedIn but as I grow as a PT I want to grow it into a website that possible patients could look up and hopefully come to me for their therapy. So while it is 4 years away at a minimum before I can practice, this was a great assignment to get the ball rolling on marketing myself.

Business wordpress: https://krishanbhakta.wordpress.com


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