Extra Credit Survey

Favorite Activities:

Plaster casting- I loved doing this as my first activity because it was intimidating but when you actually do it, it’s not too bad. Especially from someone who would say he is awful at art, seeing this made me worry some at first. However when I did it it was easy to do and easy to blog about

Museum Visit- I loved this because I enjoy going to museums plus it’s a cool way for us to just appreciate art instead of producing it ourselves

Automatic drawing- I liked Automatic drawing because of how weird it was. It wasn’t intimidating or difficult, which made it manageable with how weird of a concept it was. It ended up being a really cool experience and I think you should definitely keep it as an activity.

Least Favorite:

Instagram- I felt that the instagram activity felt off and disjointed. I didn’t get the feel or sense of the art 110 community by all posting u Der the hashtag. Mostly felt like a random assortment of people’s lives

Art care package- This assignment was interesting but overall not something I truly enjoyed. It was cool brainstorming what I would give but setting it up and taking a picture seemed like a bland ending to it. Not saying this activity was bad but just less interesting than the others


At first I was so frustrated with slack, wordpress and the whole online class format, but after a week I got the hang of it. After that I loved it and I thought it was a great way to run this class. The discussions were easy to run, I wish you could respond to comments as a thread but that’s a minor gripe. I mostly used slack off of a tablet and it worked out well on that platform as well as my phone and laptop.

Art activity, Art Talk

I really enjoyed most of the art activity and art talks. They were consistently interesting and I appreciated the flow chart used in the art talks. Super cool and clean set up. The last few artist OTW talks didn’t have many examples of their art in the video. I know we are supposed to research their work throughout the week, but showing more examples to reference what you are saying during the video would be helpful.

Overall a great class and I’m so glad I took it! It expanded my appreciation for art and I was proud of what I ended up completing in the activities.


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