Wk 12-Artist OTW- Mahsa Soroudi

Learning about Mahsa Soroudi from an interview with herself was a great way to learn about her life. She could actually tell her story and show how it comes out in her art.

I checked out her website, it’s very simplistic but a clean setup. She seemed to be the least popular artist that we have studied but it is cool seeing an artist who is up and coming. The 7500 art project is a really interesting concept.I like how she says the project won’t be changed to cater to the western population. Her project is about life in her hometown, from artists who grew up there and it shouldn’t be changed to appease the western audience. It would take away from the authenticity.

Her plantshow photography was breathtaking, she has a great touch for getting beautiful images of nature.I couldn’t get a hold of the picture to upload here, but the image Mountain Lake is stunning. She seems to capture pure nature and the images are so clear. She mentions that the exhibit is a call to nature’s cadence and I noticed I payed more attention to the nature as I went through my day after seeing her images.


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