Wk9- Artist OTW-Kat Von D and Guy Tang

Both of the artists this week are less of the traditional artists. Kat Von D and Guy Tang are body artists and it’s easy to see how people would be critical of this as true “art.” Traditional art is expected to be seen in gallery’s and represent something to the artist, and you as the consumer decide if you like it enough to admire, and possibly purchase it. However this kind of art is all about representing something to the consumer, and the artist job is to best make that representation come to life. Also, this type of art is constantly on a person and is part of their identity. Typical art you see in a gallery does not have that kind of power. It may be hanging in your home but less people are able to see it and be influenced by it.
Personally I do not have any tattoos, and get cheap haircuts, but I can definitely appreciate this art. I would love to get a tattoo at some point in my life and I would value seeking out the artist I best believe could bring my idea and concept to a design. That in itself may be harder than an artist drawing off their own inspiration, and for that reason I truly respect these 2 as artists.


Wk 8- Activity- Street Photography

Street Photography was great because it allowed me to see the street in a whole new light. These are streets I pass by all the time and it was cool to see the beauty in them. I enjoyed street photography and tried to get different environments in my images. I went for a stroll with two of my roommates and these are some of the best images I took on the walk

Screenshot_20160717-204857 (1)

I used snapchat for this filter and used one of the available filters. I believe this color filter made the image look like a classic gas station stop. The sky was during sunset and I think the one car with the bright headlights is a natural attention grabber.


I took this photo because it shows the distinct Long Beach streets with all the palm tress lining the roads.


This picture is of family friends separating and leaving the house. I heard there goodbye’s and got the picture as they all were going back to where they needed to be.



I enjoyed this picture because of the tetris shape these card had to make to park. I also really enjoyed the tree and how it is wavy in its appearance. The shadow of the car is a nice focus and contrast to the sidewalk

Wk 8- Artist OTW- Street Photography

I really enjoyed this week’s street photography lesson. I appreciated the truth and real life I see in these images. It is images of what you see on a daily basis but framed in a new way, or ways you generally don’t look at normal life. I especially like when the photography is in black and white, as Gary Winogrand often did. The black and white gives a classic, wholesome feel to the image you can’t see in color. I love this picture below, called Hollywood and Vine. The image is a great representation of a typical day of that time. Also, I just started working at the VA hospital in Long Beach and their busiest tunnel and most used hallway is labeled as Hollywood and Vine. Now every time I see that I think of this image. 

Art 110  B&W

Another image I liked was from The Sartorialist which is a similar image to the other one, but in color. It shows a more modern society, and for that I like the use of color. It also shows a modern dress of a woman which shows more skin and is freer than the Winogrand image. Both images focus on the subject but include the local shops and streets clear enough to get a whole look of the setting.


Art 110 Color


Street photography is interesting because essentially everyone does it. When you travel to a new city or cool area, everyone pulls out their phone and snaps a solid quality image. That is the everyday street photographer. However, if you look at your image and then some of these artists images, you see how they can get so much more out of the environment through their skilled photography


Wk 7- Artist OTW- Janet Kardiff

This week Artist of the week was a unique artist with a style I had never seen, or heard, before. Janet Cardiff was a performance artist who specialized in audio performances. My personal favorite is FOREST (for a thousand years). This video is truly captivating and it feels like you spent a day in a whole nother world. I further researched it and an article in the New York Times states found that they used Ambisonics, which “creates a three-dimensional sound field out of whatever noises, vibrations or explosions they have recorded.” This is a perfect explanation as to what I was feeling during that experience because the sounds felt so different than anything I have listened to before.

Art 110 FOREST

I do not know much about the science of music but my roommate does, so I told him about the 40 speakers project and how they were grouped. He was super impressed and thought that is an amazing idea and he wants to go see it one day. I think being able to create an experience like that is what makes her so great. 

However, my one downside is that I was not a big fan of her work as she leads you through a tour. The experience was cool but I felt forced to experience her experience instead of my own. Also, if I would want to stop and look at something more do I break her art work or my own curiosity?






Wk 7- Activity- Museum Trip

For this weeks art activity I went to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) in LA. My friend accompanied me and we ended up going to both the Grand and Geffen locations. Earlier this summer I went to the Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) in Boston and was really interested in the contemporary section. It was my favorite section and I especially enjoyed all the sculptures that were very different than those of the past. The contemporary art museum here did not impress me as much as the contemporary section in the MFA but it made sense considering that was my first experience really seeing and analyzing contemporary art, plus the MFA is truly and amazing experience.

2 images that really caught my eye at MOCA:


Eric Hutsell, 27 years old, Southern California, $20 – Philip- Lorea diCorcia


I was drawn to the photo because initially because it was so clear and smooth I couldn’t believe it. In my opinion smooth was  a weird way to describe a picture, but how seamlessly all the parts of the picture work together is extremely smooth. The colors are also very vibrant and distinct. Then I started looking at the lighting and realized it made the man look extremely ominous, which made me question who he was and why he was relevant in this photo.

Reading the description of the artwork I learned this image was part of a larger series of images called the Hustlers. The Hustlers was a collection of 25 color portraits of males, their name, where they were located and how much Philip- Lorea diCorcia paid them to partake in the photo. I thought the photo was interesting before I read the description solely based off aesthetics. IT is a great quality photo. However, once I read the description I loved the meaning and power behind the images, plus I really loved listening how much he paid. Especially once I learned the painting sold for more than three thousand dollars.


Toyko Santa- Paul McCarthy



The other picture that captured my eye was because it seemed to be very opposite of the first image but was a picture in a piece of a larger artwork called Toyko Santa. This image is very dirty, has a lot going on and probably offensive to a certain portion of the population. It is a surrealist image to compare with the realism artwork by Phillip Lorea di Corcia.

At first I thought it was just normal pictures of Santa Claus on the wall, until I looked closer and realized they were all pictures of Santa in a very unfamiliar way. Most of them had Santa with an apparent boner and generally bloody. This picture seems to be the aftermath of Santa killing one of his reindeer and he seems to be putting his clothes back on. The photograph is rough, raw and tells a very large story that is contrary to most people’s opinion of Santa, or Christmas in general. I took it as showing that everyone has a dark side and no one is perfect and giving. Paul McCarthy did a wonderful job of grabbing a character who most people would view as wholesome and innocent and shattering that opinion to depict society.



WK6- Activity- Landscape with a Corpse

At first when I saw this project I didn’t know how I would want to die and spent a lot of time of thinking of symbolic ways to die. Then we had people over at my house and when someone drinks too much people say “oh, he/she is dead” meaning they are passed out sleeping. Then I thought about that and figured that’s how I wanted to portray one of my death/corpse image. I layed down in the middle of the living room and had my roommates line my body with empty beer cans. I had a bottle of alcohol near my mouth and felt that that was a good way to interpret this project.



At first I wanted to also stage a death scene in a calming environment to counteract the party/ drinking death. So I decided to go to the most tranquil place we know, the Japanese Gardens. However, soon after we got there we realized it was packed and would be much too awkward to take a dying picture without attracting a lot of curious looks and attention. So instead we came home and then I decided to make the second image of getting hit by a car. Since the opposite of the party scene didn’t work, I wanted to do a similar situation to match the party death and decided to do this scene to show the dangers of drinking and driving.




Overall I liked this activity but it is kind of haunting to try to take pictures of death or corpses. It makes you think about life and how close you can be to dying every day. It also showed a lot of power because nothing is really as powerful and captivating as death

Wk6- Artist OTW- Andy Warhol

I have often seen those specific Campbell soups paintings and never understood why they were so popular. While I thought the painting was fantastic, I didn’t understand the reason for the hype. Then we had Andy Warhol as our artist of the week and I learned some of the magnitude for his painting. Andy Warhol was a great artist who has painted some of the greatest pieces of art, according to sale price. While researching him I learned he was really sick when he was young because he contracted cholera. However, it ended up becoming the start of his artistic career. Because he was bedridden, his mother gave him art lessons, and those sessions were where he began to learn how to become an artist.

I remember in middle school how we would always take pictures using the mac desktop filters and one of them was the pop art filter. People always took pictures using that filter and its crazy learning how that filter came from Andy Warhol. I enjoy this painting because many articles call Andy Warhol the king of pop art and he painted who many people say is the king of pop in Micheal Jackson.


Often people who pay tens or hundred of million dollars for art are not only paying for the art piece, but for the history and the artist behind the work. However, Andy Warhol had two different paintings sell for more than 100 million dollars and his sexuality was never really mentioned as part of his work. I find that intriguing and odd that very few people mentioned that as influencing his work.